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There are few things more thrilling than tasting. A private discovery we make when tasting something for the very first time. The happy return to a taste we LOVE. Tasting is one of those most gorgeous gifts of life. At Sahagun we believe that your first bite should taste like your first bite and not like someone else's. We don't believe in tasting notes, we believe in tasting. We think food should taste the way your taste buds say it tastes, not what your eyes or your mind say it should taste like. We believe that when it comes to food and eating, you need to have guts, put the intellectual banter on the shelf for a moment and get in touch with your senses. Food should bring you back to your body, not take you away.

In a nutshell, we believe that foods are best understood by tasting.

At Sahagun, we focus on the delicious, the unique, the new. We follow our imaginations for the pure and the exciting. We respect the ingredients we have to work with and strive to unlock different aspects of their nature.

We make chocolates and chocolaty things. Come and taste them sometime.



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